What is Online E-Therapy?

SOVEREIGN E-THERAPY ™ is an innovative, web-based Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) developed by Sovereign Health. By integrating our time-proven therapeutic methods, perfected in our brick-and-mortar facilities with cutting-edge technology, Sovereign Health is proud to be able to offer a full-fledged, accredited, insurance-based Intensive Outpatient Program in a broadband video conferencing format. This will enable clients to participate in group and individual therapy from their own home, workplace, on vacation – virtually anywhere!

While technology has advanced and removed the need for travel to our facility, we still aim to provide the same individualized care. Offering a highly specialized team of qualified and licensed professionals disciplined in fields such as Dual Diagnosis, Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Eating Disorders, Trauma and PTSD among many others, E-Therapy is designed to deliver these services directly to you online. Within in our E-Therapy Program you will be provided with a Therapist, Case Manager, and Counselor who will deliver a personal program tailored directly to your issues and needs.

Who is E-Therapy For?

Most people, seeking psychiatric help of any kind, can benefit from online E-Therapy programs. For those who are hesitant or find it impossible to enter a treatment center, access to our E-Therapy Program is available through a broadband internet connection. Our E-Therapy program is ideal for those who seek a virtual treatment program allowing them to carry on with a routine professional and personal life.
Our E-Therapy treatment program is also ideal for patients who relapse frequently and who have been through one or more previous treatment programs. We believe the added support of an online E-Therapy program is useful for those who chronically relapse in addition to guiding those who are entering treatment or seeking assistance for the first time.
In addition, our population includes patients who fit the following criteria:

Early recovery
Post-treatment and transitional recovery (i.e. sober living homes)
Co-occurring disorders (alcohol and drug issues accompanied by other emotional disorders)

Admissions and Cost?

Our Admissions Team is available 24/7 to accept program enquiries from potential patients, family members, and those who have a general interest in the well being of another. Our admissions team is available to answer program questions and assist in determining how Sovereign Health E-Therapy™ can address your needs and issues. Just as with our in-house treatment programs, Sovereign Health E-Therapy™ is extremely cost effective and covered under most insurance policies. For those who are interested in paying privately, payment by credit card is also accepted.

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