Behavioral health disorders can cause serious disability to the sufferer, regardless of the type or degree of the disorder. Behavioral health disorders are often referred to as 'mental disorders'. We've all heard this term before. Some common behavioral health disorders include depression, anxiety disorders, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Behavioral health can refer to a cognitive or emotional state of well-being. Being mentally healthy means being emotionally healthy; having the ability to enjoy a full, creative life; being able to deal with various challenges, whether they be everyday challenges or more difficult ones. With a behavioral health disorder, however, it may be difficult or even impossible to live a satisfying life.

What Causes Behavioral Health Disorders?

Here are some of the possible causes of behavioral health disorders:

Genetics: Just like children can inherit their parents’ baldness, eye color and height, they can also inherit the likelihood of having a disorder. A child with one or more parent with depression is much more likely to develop the disorder than a child whose parents do not have the disorder.

Infections: Certain viruses and bacteria have been attributed to some behavioral health disorders. For example, Bovine spongiform encephalopathy, better known as mad cow disease, is caused by an infectious protein that is very similar to viruses. Mad cow disease causes symptoms in humans such as insomnia, depression, and dementia.

Brain Damage: Damage to the brain has been linked to certain behavioral disorders. Boxers are susceptible to dementia pugilistica, a form of dementia that is caused by repeated concussions. Babies that are subjected to trauma during brain development as a fetus may develop certain conditions, such as autism.

Substance Abuse: Some substances may be worse for the brain than others, but even alcohol can have serious effects on the brain when abused.

Sovereign Health Treatment keeps up to date with the latest treatments, in order to help patients recover from or better live with behavioral illness. We have seen many patients who suffer from severe depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, various phobias, etc. and are well equipped to treat these and many other types of disorder.

Our primary methods of treatment include strength-based methodology (motivational interviewing) and evidence-based practices (cognitive behavioral therapy, biofeedback, dialectical behavioral therapy). However, we create customised treatment plans, tailored to each patient's needs, so the ratio of which therapies each patient receives will be different. We believe that our ability to treat patients individually instead of using the same strict regimen universally is what makes Sovereign Health Treatment a truly unique treatment center.

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